Digital Marketing

We're more than just an Edmonton digital marketing company. LN Marketing Group has provided online marketing solutions for businesses worldwide.

Social Media Marketing

Building brand awareness through social media is time consuming. That said, wasted time means reduced productivity. This can become costly. Unfortunately, if done on your own, it may not even be effective. Our Social Media Marketing Services allows you to focus on running your business. In turn, we will focus on growing it. We will build a social media marketing plan tailored just for you. Moreover, it will fit your budget and your goals. To do this, LN Marketing Group will engage in Social Media Management and Social Media Posting for your company. In return, we'll bring all of the benefits of social media marketing with none of the headache. In the end, you will avoid the frustration, as well as any time loss.

Content Marketing

We perform in-depth search engine optimization research. Also, we will deep dive into SEO management. Our Content Marketing will help you maximize reach. As well, it will bolster interest and help boost profits. We offer in-house writers and researchers. As well, a team of designers, and market experts. With skill across many sectors, LN Marketing Group’s content marketing team will work to unleash your maximum online potential. Crisp content, detailed research, and focused marketing will be effective in portraying your brand’s unique voice.

Local Listings

Not keen on global domination? That's fine. Choose to corner the local market in your industry instead! To do this, we offer our Hyper Local Listing service. LN Marketing Group is a digital marketing leader in Edmonton, Alberta. Because of this, we understand how to tap into every local market. Always, we achieve this in a way that is authentic to your brand. All of our social media marketing services will be customized for your needs. This ensures that we zero in on your local target group exactly. Whether you operate in a small town, or a city of one million, we'll make you shine. We understand how to tap into your local digital marketing scene in a way that will get you noticed. Therefore, directing clients to your doorstep.


Having the best product or the greatest marketing plan will get you nowhere if no one sees it.  That said, our targeted advertising solutions will maximize your company’s web traffic. Also, it will increase your business reach, while delivering an impressive ROI for your marketing dollar.

When it comes to selecting a digital marketing company, put LN Marketing Group at the top of your list. Our team is qualified, capable, and clever. Above all, we're ready to help unleash your message. Let us share your company with the world. Let's talk, contact us today to get your social media marketing game to the next level.