Insight into Social Media Marketing

Insight into Social Media Marketing

Social media and digital marketing history

Social Media Marketing has become an essential tool for business development. Since the inception, social media platforms have taken over the world, becoming an essential part of people’s daily lives. Today, the reach of social media is simply astonishing. You may share a photo for friends and family to enjoy. Or, you can comment on the interaction of favourite celebrity stars. Social media remains a means to take their opinion to any corner of the world or learn about events that occur around the planet the moment they occur.

Scope of SMM

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned some social media features that make them perfect tools for marketing. These include global reach, immediacy, ease of sharing content, and interaction. To complement this information and highlight social networks’ role in today’s world and their role in society, we have some interesting statistics.

Let’s start by mentioning that currently, of a world population of 7 billion, 4.4 billion are social media users, which is equivalent to approximately 60% of human beings, of which 3.2 billion do so daily. This growth is primarily associated with the easy use of smartphones and social media apps on these devices. These apps act as tools allowing for easy access from almost anywhere. Another interesting fact: the time invested in social media since, on average, normal users spend 2 hours and 16 minutes a day on them, which is quite a lot of time and will only increase.

Social Platform User Base

Interestingly, despite what may seem by the exponential growth of Instagram in recent times, Facebook is still the social media with the largest number of active users (2.3 billion users). Therefore, it is a mandatory platform for any digital marketing strategy of almost any company in the world.

Second, among the most popular social platforms (despite being the leader in video platforms) is YouTube. With 1.9 billion users. However, this statistic must be interpreted since, although YouTube videos tend to be viral and get many views, much of this phenomenon is the consequence of appearing in other social media. For a digital marketing strategy, it is essential to have a channel on this platform; the impact that may have will depend on the interrelation you have with the rest of the accounts in social media.

As we said, Instagram has grown the most in the last year, reaching up to 1 billion users. Making it an amount that doubles what it was two years ago. In addition to the platform’s growth, a factor that forces to consider Instagram within the digital marketing strategy of a company is that the highest percentage of users are of an age range between 18 and 34 years.


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Social Media Marketing Strategies

With this summary of statistics, it becomes clear why we should give great importance to social media in our strategy for business growth. That said, it is one reason why our company, LN Marketing Group, pays particular focus on social networks. Social media marketing remains essential in our efforts to effectively build, grow, and share our clients’ online presence.  

There is a large number of options in terms of digital marketing strategies with social networks. Those that are considered a higher percentage of success are numerous. So, globalizing them would not represent the real scope, and going into detail would require a much more complex and extensive study. However, below we will present some tips on the use of these tools:

  • The first point on this list is essential. From the beginning, it is vital to determine who is going to be our target audience, which depends on the type of business and the short and long-term vision of our company. This is often an overlooked but crucial stage in any digital or traditional marketing plan.
  • It is necessary to be clear about each platform’s resources, moreover, the best way to take advantage of each one. An example is what we mentioned on YouTube, where it is necessary to upload the videos to the channel. Still, a campaign to promote that content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is essential. It is also required to understand the nature of each forum. For example, Instagram is much more visual based on images and videos, while Twitter is based more on the text.
  • Taking advantage of the trends to introduce the company’s message is done within these marketing strategies. However, there is a risk of being seen as opportunistic or boring by individual users, so it is necessary to clarify the line that separates one thing from the other.
  • Maintaining a constant interaction with customers through social media will help perfect our advertising campaigns and our products almost immediately. We believe in following the famous motto of “the client is always right.”
  • Finally, as a final piece of advice, we recommend turning to a specialized company such as LN Marketing Group, which has experienced people who will guide you through the entire process of developing and executing the digital marketing strategy based on the social half.

Social media has come to stay, so if it is not part of the business plan, it is time to incorporate it to start to leverage the benefits of it. At LN Marketing Group, we are a new team in the Edmonton digital and social media marketing world. We have established ourselves as one of the best options in the market implementing fresh ideas with modern strategies. We would love to take your brand to the next level. Contact us to learn how we can make a SMM campaign work for you.

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