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Working from home successfully

The top 10 tricks, tips, and hacks to make your working from home experience more productive. (and, dare we say, enjoyable.)

Let’s talk about working from home. More specifically, let’s talk about working from home successfully. We hate to even mention “the pandemic” being so sick of hearing about it like most other people. However, it is worth mentioning how it effected our work flow. When this all began, the idea of working from home seemed novel to a lot of us, if not almost exciting. Like the first night camping, the rustic and less refined aspects of working from home felt like an adventure. As days turned to weeks, months, and now a year – the newness of working from home has shifted from being less of a novelty and more of a never-ending, enduring reality of our lives. For many of us who will either continue to work from home by choice or by necessity, the need to create a more productive and positive work from home experience is critical.  


Experience we have gained working from home

At LN Marketing, we know a few things about working successfully and happily from home.
As a team of creatives, artists, and marketing professionals, the LN Marketing team rocked the WFH life way before COVID hit. While we do have a physical office, most of our team works remotely to serve our clients. As such, we have developed some great tips, tricks, and hacks to make the most out of your work from home experience.

1. Maintain a Regular Work Schedule. Determine your hours and stick to them to create normalcy.


2. Set Boundaries.  Set expectations and boundaries regarding your time and schedule for yourself, your teammates, and your clients.


3. Create a Space Just for Work.  Whether it is a separate room, a single desk, or a corner of your kitchen, create a designated workspace.


4. Take Your Breaks. Your breaks are more important than ever when working from home. Set the alarm for your breaks, and do not work through though them.


5. Take a Walk. It is crucial to get away from your workspace. Better still, get out of your house. … bring your dog!

6. Invest in a Good Work Chair. It might seem easy to skip this, but your chair can make or break your entire day. Don’t skimp on this.


7. Stay Connected. With so many video chat advances, collaborative platforms, and online team experiences, stay connected with your coworkers or clients regularly.


8. Build Your Rewards. You will need to maintain your own motivation, so identify small rewards for yourself throughout the day and don’t forget to eat.
front-view-business-woman-working-from-home 9. Take Mental Health Breaks. Working from home can be more stressful than working in an office, and taking the time to escape is critical. Set a specific day aside for yourself, and avoid work-related tasks and don’t forget to eat.

10. Ask for Help. Isolation is a real problem in work from home situations, making it harder to ask for help when you need it. Speak up and advocate for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Working from home may have lasted longer than we have ever imagined, but with these tips from the LN Marketing team, you’ll be boosting your productivity and increasing your enjoyment in no time. It may not be for everybody, but we actually believe this may have changed many companies outlook regarding offering their employees the option to work from home…or at least we hope so.